LTP September 2016 edition

The September edition of MKonline’s Long-term price forecast for Nordic power is set for release on Thursday 15 September.

Focus areas in the September 2016 edition

  • Evaluation of Swedish renewables target 2021-2030, potential impact for nuclear capacity
  • Chinese cut in coal mining and coal-fired generation, consequences for coal price perspectives
  • Revised long term CO2 price expectations, mainly due to Europe’s progress in meeting its 2030 climate commitment

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French Nuclear Capacity July 2016

This summer, French nuclear available capacity experienced  the lowest values seen during the past 4 years.

In July, French nuclear production was running at 38.0 GW in average, meaning only 60% of the installed capacity. This was significantly lower compared to July last year when the production averaged 70.6% of the total installed capacity.

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Wind profiles have been corrected for HR

The Croatian wind forecast has been too low for a while. We corrected the error and refitted the model.

The wind production in HR represented about 2.6% of the total net electricity generation in 2014, according to Eurostat. For 2016 MKonline’s forecast for the installed wind capacity in HR is at 523MW. The installed capacity development for the next years can be found on MKonline under Wind Power>Capacity Assumptions.

As of today we have also extended our forecasts for fundamentals and prices to 32 days ahead for HR, RS and BG. All forecasts are delivered with full ensemble. If you do not subscribe to apply for a free trial here.

For the countries for which actual generation data is available, you can check the model performance under the Track Record pages.  These pages will be published as well for HR as soon as the actual wind and solar data is available.

If you have any questions, feel free to send an email to

Open position: Digital Marketing Coordinator

We aim to strengthen our team with a digital marketing coordinator. You will be dedicated to the development and operation of our digital marketing strategy. You will have an important role in our long-term plan of digital communication and take us further on our journey to create a world-leading web service for data and analysis for our customers in the highly professional energy market.

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LTP June 2016 edition

The June edition of MKonline’s Long-term price forecast for Nordic power is set for release on Wednesday 15 June.

Focus areas in the June 2016 edition

  • Swedish nuclear policy to be altered with removal of taxation and nuclear phase-out by 2040.
  • Soon-to-be implemented French carbon tax with implications for Nordic power exports.
  • Recent developments in renewables and transport fuels seem unsustainable for long-term climate and energy targets.

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Overview page and new Data Center files added to Instant spot

In the course of the preparations for phasing out our conventional spot models (as of 2 May DE and FR model and 1 June NPA model) we have launched a new page within the Instant spot menu on MKonline.  We hope that the Overview page will serve the customers with the necessary content and round up the way we present the price forecasts and the important price drivers.

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