Month of Ramadan

The effect of Holy Month of Ramadan included into the consumption model for Turkey

The upcoming three-day Festival of Ramadan (or Eid-ul-Fitr) starts on the 25th of June this year and it is one of the most important celebration in the Islamic culture. MKonline’s estimated consumption during these three days will decrease in average about 26% compared to normal assumptions. Continue reading Month of Ramadan

Mkonline has introduced hydrological models for pricezones Norway+Sweden

The hydrological models at Mkonline have so far been based on Statnett-regions in Norway and four geographical regions in Sweden. The goal for Mkonline has for a while been to establish all our hydrological models on price-zone levels as we do for all other fundamental data. Continue reading Mkonline has introduced hydrological models for pricezones Norway+Sweden

Holiday effect for Easter

What does Easter mean consumption-wise?

Easter is not only an important religious holiday and a traditional vacation season in Europe. It is also one of the periods of the year during which the power consumption is strongly affected by the Holiday Effect. The social patterns are different from country to country and reflect a variety of habits and traditions. For us, the upcoming Easter is also a moment to reconsider assumptions made within our consumption system and represented by the reduction of power demand attributable to different behavioural patterns. You find some statistics and useful facts below. Continue reading Holiday effect for Easter

Updated German consumption numbers for 2016

MKonline has now updated actual consumption numbers for 2016. The numbers are as earlier based on monthly statistics from ENTSO-E, but as the format for these monthly reports has been changed from previous years, MKonline has delayed the updates as we have found some deviations in the statistics compared to earlier years. Continue reading Updated German consumption numbers for 2016