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METANOPOLY launches Daily Forward Report NCG on MKonline

METANOPOLY has launched its new daily forward report where we provide you with a forecast for the most important five curve contracts of NCG.

While having you provided already with these forecasts on a weekly base in our weekly report, we update this from now on on a daily base. The weekly report remains as an additional forward forecast including  a thorough comment on the most important fundamentals and markets and takes a closer focus on the most important events, which have happened the last week and might haven the following week. The daily report provides you with a daily comment on the German gas market and a forecast for the next 10 trading days for NCG front month, front quarter, front quarter+1, front quarter+2 and front calendar year.

Feel free to contact for a free trial, or in case of questions about the forward report.

The right timing for gas procurement

Our cooperation partner Joachim Endress from Metanopoly published a gas-related article in the German journal “Energie. Markt. Wettbewerb.”.

Changing oil prices have a continuously strong impact on the price formation on the gas market. Read more about it in the attached document.

Note that the article is written in German!

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Download (PDF, 2.05MB)

DPFC NCG extended for 2020

The extended version of the DPFC NCG is available in the gas section of the Data Center – just open the document “Daily Price Forward Curves (DPFC)”. If you provide your customers with long-term contracts or need to calculate your portfolio for the year 2020, this extension will help you do that.

Important note: Currently there are few trades at the broker platforms for 2020; therefore there are only a couple of quotations for 2020. We reference the NCG DPFC 2020 to NBP UK, where the ICE already trades these contracts.

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New content for consumption forecast and market spreads

Consumption forecast 

Recently, we have added a track record for our consumption forecast model, where you find information about the daily deviation of the consumption and weather forecast in comparison to the previous day. The average deviation of the day-ahead forecast compared to the actuals has been 2.3% since its launch on 2 February.

Market spreads

On page two of our daily report, you can find the newly added clean spark spreads:

  • Clean Spark Spread NCG/ EEX: Percentage of technical efficiency needed to realise positive margin.
  • Clean Spark Spread NCG/ EEX: Technical efficiency 40% in Euro/MWh power.
  • Clean Spark Spread NCG/ EEX: Technical efficiency 50% in Euro/MWh power.
  • Clean Spark Spread NCG/ EEX: Technical efficiency 60% in Euro/MWh power.

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