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Event Calendar 2017

Where to meet us in 2017

MKonline is proud to present its event calendar for 2017. Just follow the links to the individual entries to find more information on the event pages.

Jan An Afternoon with MKonline
Oslo 12.1
An Afternoon with MKonline
Helsinki 26.1.
Feb E-World
Essen 7.-9.2.
Mar CEE Conference
Vienna 1.-2.3
An Afternoon with MKonline
Stockholm 9.3
An Afternoon with MKonline
Hamburg 28.3.
Apr – May Market Insight
Paris 6.4
Nordic Price Drivers
Oslo 27.-28.4
Energy Day
Cologne 4.5
An Afternoon with MKonline
Aarhus 11.5
 An Afternoon with MKonline
Milan *May
Jun – Aug Energy Days
Stockholm 31.5-1.6
An Afternoon with MKonline
CSE Conference
Prague 14.-15.6
Energy Day
Helsinki 15.6
Energy Days
Oslo 23.-24.8
Sep – Oct Energy Day
Energy Day
 An Afternoon with MKonline
Warsaw 21.9
An Afternoon with MKonline
Madrid 28.9
 Market Insights
 NVE Oslo
A Day with MKonline
Oslo 12.10
Market Insight
Nov Market Insight
An Afternoon with MKonline
Wien 30.11.

* Dates to be set later

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China reverses coal supply cuts – significant consequences for European power markets

Reduced risk of coal supply shortage

Chinese authorities have now allowed all coal mines to return to 330 operational days per year again for the rest of this winter, following the previous reduction to 276 days per year from April 2016 onwards. The 20% increase of operational days will curb the price lift in coal markets and reduce the risk of coal supply shortage for coming winter months in China and also for the rest of the world.

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Updated hydropower models for Bulgaria

We are pleased to inform that we have updated our hydropower models for Bulgaria (BG). The implementation includes a new Run-of-River and Total production model and a revised Inflow model. The improvements are obtained from applying actual data from ENTSO-E and new river flow data for the inflow calculations.

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Actual hydropower data for CEE now available

We are pleased to inform that actual hydropower data for all countries in the CEE region have been added to MKonline. This marks the first step towards our goal of introducing hydrological models for the region. We expect this work to be started next year.

All countries in the CEE area (Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia) include Run-of-River, Reservoir and Total production. Pumping production is represented for all countries, except Hungary. Pumping consumption is only available for Czech Republic. The data are based on ENTSO-E numbers.

Data from Czech Republic have been available for some time at MKonline, however these data have been adjusted. The new implementation revealed that our previous estimate for Run-of-River production was erroneous and in fact was closer to the current total production.

Please contact us if have any questions to the updated numbers on

WeekAhead prices for France hit all-time high

In our blog of October 31st we gave an update on the strained nuclear situation in France. The nuclear capacity is currently 6000 – 7000 MW lower than in a normal situation by the start of November.

Power supply is threatened in week 45

We have observed that spot prices have increased significantly during October, and already the start of last week we saw peak load prices at about 100 €/MWh, see chart below which includes neighbouring countries as well. Continue reading WeekAhead prices for France hit all-time high

French nuclear situation getting even worse

In our blog of Sep. 30th we focused on the extraordinary French nuclear situation as several reactors was offline due to extraordinary security checks.

The nuclear situation has escalated during October due to additional security checks and several extended ongoing outages. Currently there are 19 French reactors on outage. Continue reading French nuclear situation getting even worse

Updated hydropower models for RO and SI

We are pleased to inform you that our Run-of-River (RoR) and Total hydro production models for Romania and Slovenia have been upgraded and revised. The most significant improvement is the use of actual data from ENTSO-E for the daily RoR production.

The previous model concept used riverflow data scaled to monthly UCTE numbers to estimate the daily RoR (see the chart from the short term hydrology pages on MKonline below).


The new concept apply ENTSO-E data scaled to monthly UCTE numbers, which in example for Slovenia this means about10% higher values than indicated by raw ENTSO-E numbers. The forecast methods have only had minor revisions (see the chart from the short term hydrology pages on MKonline below). The other countries in the SEE area are left unchanged.


Please contact us if have any questions to the updated numbers on

Updated Hydrological Normals for Norway

MKonline have updated all hydrological normals for Norway based on an updated description of the hydropower system, using the latest available information from NVE. This information includes a lot of new smaller hydro power plants modeled in great detail.

We use the statistical normal period 1967 -2011 to describe the hydropower potential, where the period 1981-2010 match the reference period applied by NVE. New hydro production units, until the end of Q2 2016, have increased the production level with 2 TWh. Thus, the average production capacity for Norway is now set to 130 TWh/year, instead of the previous 128 TWh/year. The data from NVE include an update of total hydro reservoir capacity in Norway. The level is now lifted to 86.5 TWh. We use these new figures to adjust official data for inflow and reservoir data, since the official measured data only represent 82.2 TWh.

In addition, our precipitation and inflow models have been increased to match the production capacity of 130 TWh/year.  We aim to update our hydrological normals each year during September in order to use the latest available information about the hydropower system.

If you have further questions, please contact

Wind profiles have been corrected for HR

The Croatian wind forecast has been too low for a while. We corrected the error and refitted the model.

The wind production in HR represented about 2.6% of the total net electricity generation in 2014, according to Eurostat. For 2016 MKonline’s forecast for the installed wind capacity in HR is at 523MW. The installed capacity development for the next years can be found on MKonline under Wind Power>Capacity Assumptions.

As of today we have also extended our forecasts for fundamentals and prices to 32 days ahead for HR, RS and BG. All forecasts are delivered with full ensemble. If you do not subscribe to apply for a free trial here.

For the countries for which actual generation data is available, you can check the model performance under the Track Record pages.  These pages will be published as well for HR as soon as the actual wind and solar data is available.

If you have any questions, feel free to send an email to