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Improved time resolution in the EMPS model

In our latest publication of the EMPS model, we have changed the number of price intervals (“Prisavsnitt”)from 6 to 12. A price interval is a set of hours that are treated as similar within a week, to simplify the linear problem when running a simulation. This could be i.e night hours on a working day, 3-4 hours during the afternoon peak etc. Continue reading Improved time resolution in the EMPS model

MKonline participates in debate during ‘Arendalsuka’

Markedskraft – MKonline is to arrange a debate during Arendalsuka, titled ‘How will the future power market look like?’.

The debate features MKonline analysts and is hosted on the new roof terrace of Markedskraft, Tuesday 15th of August 2017, 6 pm till 8 pm. The debate will discuss how the Nordic power market some years ahead is affected by climate policy, technological improvements for power management and cable links from the Nordic Countries to Central/Northwest Europe.

Click here for more information (in Norwegian)