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Event Calendar 2017

Where to meet us in 2017

MKonline is proud to present its event calendar for 2017. Just follow the links to the individual entries to find more information on the event pages.

Jan An Afternoon with MKonline
Oslo 12.1
An Afternoon with MKonline
Helsinki 26.1
Feb E-World
Essen 7.-9.2
Mar An Afternoon with MKonline
Stockholm 9.3
An Afternoon with MKonline
Hamburg 28.3.
Apr – May Market Insight
Paris 6.4
Nordic Price Drivers
Oslo 27.-28.4
Energy Day
Cologne 4.5
An Afternoon with MKonline
Milan 11.5
Jun – Aug Swedish Energy Days
An Afternoon with MKonline
Aarhus 8.6
Finnish Energy Day
Coal Market & Trading Programme
London, 20.-21.6
Nordic Energy Days
An Afternoon with MKonline
Amsterdam 29.6
Sep – Oct Danish Energy Day
Austrian Energy Day
Vienna, 21.9
An Afternoon with MKonline
Warsaw 21.9
Market Insights
Oslo 19.-20.10
A Day with MKonline
Oslo 12.10
Market Insight
Nov Market Insight
 An Afternoon with MKonline
Vienna 30.11
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China reverses coal supply cuts – significant consequences for European power markets

Reduced risk of coal supply shortage

Chinese authorities have now allowed all coal mines to return to 330 operational days per year again for the rest of this winter, following the previous reduction to 276 days per year from April 2016 onwards. The 20% increase of operational days will curb the price lift in coal markets and reduce the risk of coal supply shortage for coming winter months in China and also for the rest of the world.

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Updated hydropower models for Bulgaria

We are pleased to inform that we have updated our hydropower models for Bulgaria (BG). The implementation includes a new Run-of-River and Total production model and a revised Inflow model. The improvements are obtained from applying actual data from ENTSO-E and new river flow data for the inflow calculations.

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