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LTP Nordic 2016-2040 update on Tuesday 15 December

The December¬†edition of MKonline’s Long Term Price Forecast for Nordic Power is set for release on Tuesday 15 December.

Main topics

  • Slowing Chinese economic growth affecting raw materials, fuels and commodities relevant for European power markets
  • Changedperspectives on coal and gas prices for European power markets
  • Simulated power prices five years ahead currently being significantly higher than market prices

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New Version of Photovoltaic Implemented

The photovoltaic model has been updated with a better representation of fixed solar panels, in addition the assumption of the variation in position and inclination of these panels have been updated. Especially the estimation of photovoltaic production in the winter period is improved in the new version. Starting from today, Friday January 10, the forecasts are issued with the new model.