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French spot prices week 45 lower than estimated due to bearish weather

In our blog of Nov 3rd, we focused on the traded prices for Week 45 (Week Ahead), which had reached an all-time high of 253 €/MWh (Base price). The weather outlook was at that time quite bullish, with Peak load consumption in the first of the week increasing nearly 10 GW compared to the end of week 44. Spot-prices Thursday/Friday week 44 came out at about 70.00/85.00 €/MWh (Daily Base/Peak) and meant an additional bullish signal to the market.

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French Nuclear Capacity July 2016

This summer, French nuclear available capacity experienced  the lowest values seen during the past 4 years.

In July, French nuclear production was running at 38.0 GW in average, meaning only 60% of the installed capacity. This was significantly lower compared to July last year when the production averaged 70.6% of the total installed capacity.

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Overview page and new Data Center files added to Instant spot

In the course of the preparations for phasing out our conventional spot models (as of 2 May DE and FR model and 1 June NPA model) we have launched a new page within the Instant spot menu on MKonline.  We hope that the Overview page will serve the customers with the necessary content and round up the way we present the price forecasts and the important price drivers.

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In the news: Serbia and Bulgaria to launch day-ahead power trading

MKonline aims to include Serbia and Bulgaria in its pan-European spot model, Instant Spot, a few days after the new markets are operational.
With this, MKonline will be able to support its growing number of clients with continuous updated forecasts on spot prices and power flows for Serbia and Bulgaria.

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Advent Calendar Contest 2015 – Results

MKonline featured an advent calendar contest 1 – 23 December 2015.

  1. The first prize winner of an “all inclusive” stay at our Alpine Energy Days, 7-10 April in Lech/Austria, is Max Halvarsson at SCA AB Sweden.
    We hope to see as many of you in Lech as possible.  You find more information, the programme, prices and registration here.
  2. The prize for the most frequent participant went to Daniel Maté at GNERA Energía, following a draw among 6 persons who attended all 17 workdays. The prize was an Apple iPad Air.

We congratulate both winners!

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Outage of the Italian-Greek interconnector and positive commercial flow

According to the common statement of the both – Italian (Terna) and Greek (Admie) – TSOs, a technical problem located in the undersea part of the cable is currently affecting the IT-GR interconnector. The failure is not expected to be fixed until the end of the year. Accordingly, we reduced our forecast for the available transfer capacity of the link to zero. However, the commercial flow values reported are unequal zero what in the visualization on MKonline might be perceived as an error.

positive commercial flow_1

In fact, neither daily nor monthly capacities can be allocated, since monthly auctions have been canceled and no daily actions are being performed. Only the long-term capacities already allocated are handled by the Joint Auction Office (JAO). Hence, the actual flow unequal zero reported on the MKOnline pages is correct.

Introducing a New Spot Model for the NP Area

We are updating our spot model for the NP area. In concrete MKonline will replace its conventional spot model with the InstantSpot model.

….“The conventional spot model has served us well. But we believe that Instant Spot, with its continuous updated price signals and consistent handling of power flow, is the future”, says Tor Reier Lilleholt, Head of Nordic Analysis.

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Advent Calendar Contest 2015

MKonline features a calendar contest 1 – 23 December 2015.
You participate simply by entering your guesstimate of the DayAhead Base spot price for 3 different price areas/countries.

All persons with an MKonline account may attend!
Press here if you want to attend but lack access to

On 1 December  a calendar section will appear in the right corner of MKonline’s Power section.  You may register and change  your bet any time before 11 CET each work day. Note: we have taken great care to safeguard your submitted information, see more info on this beneath.

Every day we will change the price areas. In this way participating in the contest offers a splendid opportunity to get to know spot price areas in Europe, which you usually do not follow. We will put in areas as far apart as Portugal, Turkey, and Finland. Few persons keep a keen eye on all price areas in Europe. Therefore, MKonline offers free access to Instant Spot for the duration of the calendar contest. Feel free to contact us for more information on InstantSpot.

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