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First edition of Asia Pacific Quarterly

Our cooperation partner Energy Aspects has added a new report in our oil section for Asia on 14 April 2016, their first edition of the Asia Pacific Quarterly.  This guide provides detailed coverage of the oil production and consumption in the Asia-Pacific region, focusing in this edition on, among others, India’s oil demand and China’s 13th five-year plan.

The market can no longer only focus on China if it is to understand Asian, and indeed global, demand dynamics.

You can find more detailed information, as well as a macroeconomic outlook and outlooks for oil products and crude in April’s edition.

If you have any questions, feel free to send an email to

Publication of Technical Analysis reports

We have changed the publication scheme of Technical Analysis reports. The updates for fuels, emissions and currency (Coal, Oil, CO2 and the EUR/USD exchange rate) are now available for the following areas: NP, CWE, CEE, IT, SEE, IB and UK. Thus we acknowledge the importance of these commodities for the markets all over Europe. The power contracts (front and second front quarters and calendar contracts) traded on the NASDAQ OMX are available in the NP area of MKonline (SE, NO, FI and DK). Reports for the power futures traded on the EPEX/EEX are available within the CWE section (DE, FR, AT, CH, NL and BE). See Power > Technical