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Updated hydrology models for the SEE area

Hydro power is a very important production category in the SEE market area. About 30% of the total generation is covered by hydro power. It is in fact only the Nord Pool area (55%) which has a larger hydro power share in Europe.

MKonline has provided hydro power analysis for the SEE area since 2010. Now we have updated the energy inflow models for most of the countries. That means Romania, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia.

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Exchange by Border

This page shows the available transfer capacity and how it is utilized for individual borders. On the top level, eg. NP, CWE, IB, etc, you find the total for each individual price area. The logic is explained if you run the attached power point.

Download (PPTX, 199KB)

Update schedule

This page is on the same update scheduled as the InstantSpot. See update schedulle for the InstantSpot model

See an example of this page for DE on MKonline. If you do not have access, apply for a free trial here. 

Net Transfer Capacity

On this page you find net transfer capacity. for power. The page sums up net the available net transfer capacity for individual borders to a total net import capacity for a price area. You will find:

  • Net Import capacity for all borders, shown as staples. Net Export capacity is shown as negative numbers.
  • Superimposed on the capacity numbers (the staples) you find both actual and forecasted total net import. This is simply to put the available net capacity in relation to utilized capacity. 

Actual commercial import are shown as a black dotted line and the forecast commercial import, based on EC00 Det, is shown as a red or blue line. Negative numbers indicate export. Continue reading Net Transfer Capacity