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Outage of the Italian-Greek interconnector and positive commercial flow

According to the common statement of the both – Italian (Terna) and Greek (Admie) – TSOs, a technical problem located in the undersea part of the cable is currently affecting the IT-GR interconnector. The failure is not expected to be fixed until the end of the year. Accordingly, we reduced our forecast for the available transfer capacity of the link to zero. However, the commercial flow values reported are unequal zero what in the visualization on MKonline might be perceived as an error.

positive commercial flow_1

In fact, neither daily nor monthly capacities can be allocated, since monthly auctions have been canceled and no daily actions are being performed. Only the long-term capacities already allocated are handled by the Joint Auction Office (JAO). Hence, the actual flow unequal zero reported on the MKOnline pages is correct.