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EMPS Scenarios for NP area added

Please be informed that we have added a new page: EMPS scenarios.


From time to time our analysts observe interesting features in the market. MKonline commands an EMPS model that enables us to make stress tests and “What if analysis “. This page will be the location for such information.

We aim to update the EMPS Scenario page whenever we observe interesting “market cases”. At each incident we will update the page and forward a mail to customers of our Nordic Forward products.

More information and details on the page will follow in the weeks to come.



Sima analysis for Q2 2014

Our last report of this power plant was published 19th of December where we estimated average production for Q1 to be about 430 MW. The actual average level for Q1-14 came out somewhat higher than our simulated production at 475 MW. An updated production and reservoir forecast for the rest of 2014 has been made based on our EMPS-model. Inflow scenarios are below normal throughout the melting period as snow is lower than seasonal normal for this catchment area. On the other hand we do see higher hydro reservoir than normal for end of week 14.

Download the report as a PDF

Get the full report here: MKonline_Expectations_Sima_2014-april.pdf.