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Intraday contracts for elbas markets

Starting on 6 April 2016 we extended our pages with hourly Intraday Market Contracts, presenting “live” market prices, volumes and flows, by the ELBAS markets. It means, that Norwegian, Swedish and Danish price zones are covered as well as Finland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The content of the new pages consists of the same information as the EPEX pages – see the previous blog entry. Also the updating frequency of 5 minutes and the time step of 15 minutes in the lead-time-analysis charts for the single contracts remain the same.

If you have any questions, feel free to send an email to bra@mkonline.com.

Fundamentals for Intraday


On this page we summarise the shift in fundamental variables in comparison to the time point of the day-ahead (DA) spot nomination. The reference forecast is therefore the so-called EC00DA forecast. The shifts in fundamental variables are some of the main drivers for the prices in the intraday trading. Therefore, monitoring the development of the shifts can help to improve the intraday price forecasts and to explain price movements in the intraday market. The page is updated every 15 minutes in order to allow a continuous monitoring of any shifts in fundamentals.

In the first graph, subdivided in up to four subgraphs depending on the price area, we show the shift of the individual fundamentals, namely Consumption, Wind and SPV, as well as the summation of these fundamentals, the Residual Load which is defined as

ResLoad = Cons – (WND + SPV).

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New Features on IntraDay

We are pleased to announce that we have added several new features within the IntraDay section. 

What is new?

We have added 3 new menu items and rearranged the section. More additions are pending, but as of 27. Jan we show (new menu items in orange):

  • Fundamentals: Combined shift in Residual Load and quantification of Urgent Market Messages (UMMs)
  • “Live” Consumption, WND, and SPV including continuous adjustment of the forecasts
  • Exchange: Intraday Trading Capacity and Cross-Border Exchange

All of the pages with fundamentals show updated forecasts, directly after new and relevant information arrives. The shifting of the forecasts is depicted in graphs, facilitating convenient lead time analysis of individual quarters and hours.

Note: The coverage of variables and forecast adjustments varies from price area to price area.

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New IntraDay pages

Recently, two new pages were launched within the IntraDay section on MKonline: “Wind Actual” and “Photovoltaic Actual” present ‘live’ generation numbers as soon as they arrive from the TSOs.

In addition deviation from different forecasts (MK’s and TSO’s) is presented.

For wind generation the ‘live’ actuals are available in NO, FI, DK (DK1 and DK2), DE, AT and BE. In case of SPV ‘live’ actual production numbers, figures for DE and BE are available. The specialty about Germany is that we show data from all four TSOs.